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Pueblo Del Sol Property Owners Association


Welcome to the Pueblo Del Sol Property Owners Association web site. We are a community of 346 properties located in the foothills of the Huachuca Mountains just south of the City of Sierra Vista, Arizona.  All Owners in the PDS POA Village One community are eligible to become active members of the PDS POA.  Active membership and financial support to the PDS POA is voluntary for all Owners.

The mission of PDSPOA is to provide services to maintain environmental quality and property values by:

  • Providing a common voice for matters that affect the PDS Village One Community.
  • Promoting community inclusiveness.
  • Encouraging voluntary participation in maintaining the quality of life and property maintenance standards.
  • Encouraging Owners to voluntarily pay an annual assessment to cover all the operating costs of the PDS POA and maintenance of the 77 acres of common areas.

NOTICE:  Please open this link to read the most recent (December 2020) Message to All Owners. (Click Here to see the Message)

NOTICE:  On January 9, 2020, The BOD disseminated the attached message to all PDS POA Owners and Residents (i.e. non-Owners) advising on the most recent status of the PDS POA and continuing legal guidance re how to proceed in the future as a voluntary membership association that is primarily focused on maintenance and protection of the 77 acres of the common areas.  Please take a moment to read this one-sheet information.  (Click here to see the announcement)

NOTICE:  In May 2019 the Board of Directors Announced the voluntary active membership conditions that will become effective July 1, 2019 (the start of FY 2020).  These conditions were disseminated to all owners in the PDS POA.  A membership drive with the required application form will be disseminated to all owners in early June 2020.  (Click here to see the announcement)

NOTICE:  The FRY Fire District, the Department of the Interior, USDA Forest Service, the National Fire Protection Association,  and University of Arizona, have provided valuable information about protecting your home from wildfires.  We urge you to make your home “defensible” by the fire crews so it is not a dangerous tinder box that threatens lives and your and other’s properties.  Please click here to see this information. Also check the national website of FireWise USA that specifically addresses preparations for homes subject to wildfires.  (Click here)

NOTICE:  On May 19, 2018 the Annual Meeting of the PDS POA Owners took place at the Our Lady of the Mountain Catholic Church.  PDS POA President gave a presentation about the state of the Association and its future issues.  To ensure that all Owners who could not attend the meeting or prospective Owners have a clear understanding about the PDS POA, the full text of his remarks are attached.  (Click here to read the presentation)

The Association e-mail account, pdspoa@pdspoa.com, exists as a common contact point for the Association.  If you wish to direct an e-mail to a specific individual, please enter their name in the subject line or find their contact information in the Contacts page of the website.  Our new PDS POA phone number is:  (520) 263-7786.